PHD Candidature
Master Students

Phd Candidature

Meisam Savardelavar (Iran). Effects of meaning-centred imagery-based interventions on fine motor sports performance. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2019, 3 years).

Aizzuddin Bin Hidrus. A structural equation model and effect of brain-break video exercise on transtheoretical constructs and physical activity among people with type-2 diabetes mellitus. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2021, 2 years 9 months). 

Nurzulaikha Bt Mahd Ab.lah. The structural relationships of health beliefs, intention, health promoting behaviour and quality of life among patients with abdominal bloating. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2021, 2  years 9 months).

Mohamad Fadil Bin Ibrahim. Teaching games for understanding centred traditional games on physical fitness, emotion, and enjoyment among truancy students in primary schools. Main-supervisor (Submitted).

Kelvin Ying @ Tang Shee Wei. Access to celebral palsy healthcare services and its impact on caregivers’quality of life in Malaysian context. Principle supervisor (on-going).

Amir Rifaat Bin Abdul Rahman. Effects of imagery assisted virtual reality and progressive muscle relaxation on psychophysiological parameters and beginners’ archery performance. Co-supervisor (on-going).

Hilda Anak Entering. Developing a preferred music module (PMM) for Sarawak developmental state athletes before, during and after the training sessions. Principle supervisor (Started in 2020).

Candrawati Binti Ibrahim. The effect of virtual reality imagery on sports imagery, motivation emotional intelligence and expectancy-belief and values on football skill performance among youth football players in Sarawak. Principle supervisor (started in 2020).

Lee Wan Zhen. Effects of virtual reality (VR) and music on upper limb movement, EEG, mood, arousal and quality of life among stroke patients. Principle supervisor (started in 2021). 

Yao Liying. Assessing the socio-ecological risk that influence overweight and obesity among migrant children in China. Principle supervisor (started in 2021). 



Adikari Mudiyanselage. The effect of probiotics on stress and anxiety among the athletes: Psychophysiological feedback. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2019, 1 year).

Liew Guo Chen. Development and validation of mental toughness questionnaire among volleyball players in Malaysia. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2019, 1.5 years). 

Hussein Bin Mohammad Rizal. The effects of technology supported brain-breaks on physical activity behaviour among Malay primary school children: a transtheoretical perspectives. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2020, 1 year). 

Mawar Siti Hajar Binti Abu Bakar. The effect of brain breaks on motivation to physical activity, sustained attention, short-term memory, and academic performance among Malay primary school children. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2020, 1 year).

Mohammad Saifatullizam Mustafa. Evaluation of physical fitness before and after attachment of neuropriming device among football players. Principle supervisor (Submitted). 

Charissa Ann Ho Xin Hui. Examining the relationship between student-athlete academic and athletic identity and motivation among student-athletes in Malaysia. Principle supervisor(Started in 2021).

Lim Ting Len. The fundamental understanding of the impact of using brain-breaks on Sarawakian indigenous children based on physical activity, nutrition and hygiene: A United Nations SDG Project - #3 Good Health and Well-being. Principle supevisor (Started in 2021). 

Ting Pei Yi. The effect of brain-breaks on participation motives, attitudes, cognitive function and physical activity behaviour among trainee teachers in Sarawak. Principle supervisor (Started in 2021).

Jeswenny Fresshila Anak John. Adaptation and validation of the Canadian agility and movement skill assessment (CAMSA) among the primary school students in Malaysia. Principle supervisor (Started in 2021). 

Master in Medicine (MMed) 

Dr. Aizat Sabri bin Ilias. Pain reduction and mood improvement using supplementary music therapy intervention during flexible cystoscopy under local anastesia. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2019).

Dr. Dharmendra A/L Ganasagaran. Pain reduction using music therapy intervention during extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2019). 

Dr. Tee May Ying. Effects of perioperative music therapy on pain, anxiety and hemodynamics in patients undergoing upper limb surgery. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2019). 

Master in Coursework  

Wan Firdaus Bin Wan Chik. Effects of complex training on muscular strength and power in competitive weightlifters. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2015). 

Luke Anak Nikol. Effects of synchronous music on running performance in the heat. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2016)

Mohd. Hazwan Zikri B. Abdul Halim. The reliability of strength, power and mood following pressure scale-based post-performance sports massage in endurance muscle contraction. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2016). 

Siti Hawa Zulaikha Jaapar. Effects of neurostimulation and motivation patriotic music on reserve officer training unit cadet’s running performance and running stride length. Main-supervisor (Graduated in 2017).

Muhammad Qasim Raza. Effects of using breathing apps and EEG biofeedback training to enhance elite bowlers’performance. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2017).  

Muhamad Fakhrul Hakim Bin Azis. A 4-weeks internal training load monitoring and fatique responses of Malaysian under-18 rugby players during competitive season. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2017). 

Liu Kien Ting. Structural relationship of transtheorethical model of behavioural changes, and amount of physical activity among undergraduate students in health campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2017). 

Abdulwali Sabo Abdulrahman. Structural relationship of the social ecological and psychological constructs on the amount of physical activity among university’s students in health campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2018). 

Siti Nur Syafiqh Binti Rosli. The effect of virtual reality simulation during imagery between adolescent and youth netball players. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2018). 

Leong Kuan Juen. Imagery intervention on esports performance among undergradutate students at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2018). 

Mok Hua Ann. The effect of progressive muscular relaxation and relaxing devices on esports performance. Principle supervisor (Graduated in 2019). 

Foo Kai Shian. Effects of motivational music during high intensity interval training (HIIT) on exercise motives and quality of life in sedentary young adults. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2019). 

Daphne Yew Jing Mun. Relationship between mood states, exercise behaviour, coping and mental health among Malaysian during COVID-19 Pandemic by using path analysis. Co-supervisor (Graduated in 2021).