• Music, Imagery Training and Sports Performance
  • Psychometric Development and Validation
  • Neuro/Biofeedback, biofeedback and neurostimulation
  • Physical activity, brain-breaks, and skills development
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    2020-2023Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) 

    “The fundamental understanding of the impact of using brain-breaks on Sarawakian indigenous adolescents based on physical activity, nutrition and hygience: a united nations SDG project -#3 good health and well-being ” 

    RM88,774.00 (AUD28,598.00) 

    Principal Investigator

      2020-2023 | Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

      “Investigation on the effects of brain-breaks video on transtheorethical model of physical activity among type-2 diabetes mellitus patients” 

      RM65,000.00 (AUD20,940.00) 


        2020-2023 | Korean Research Foundation (International Collaboration Grant)

        “Physical activity-related psycho-behavioral and sociocultural characteristics and their positive changes using the social ecological model-based strategy integrating physical activity with psychological modification among Korean and Malaysian adolescents”

        USD$200,000.00 (AUD267,760.00)

        Principal Investigator (Malaysia)


          2020-2021 | PPSK – KPI Research Incentive Grant

          “Psychological response, coping strategies and physical activity during and after COVID-19 pandemic: From B40, M40 and T20 perspectives”

          RM3,000.00 (AUD966.00) 

          Principal Investigator

          2020-2023 | Research University Individual Grant (RUI)

          “Effects of music listening on gait, upper limb movement, EEG, mood, arousal and quality of life among stroke patients”

          RM38,000.00 (AUD12,241.00) 

          Principal Investigator

            2019-2021 | Exercise Medicine Research Grant (EMRG)

            “Implementing brain-breaks video exercises for type-2 diabetic patients: A United Nations sustainable developmental goal project - #3 good health and well-being”

            RM15,000 (AUD4,832.00) 

            Principle Investigator. 

            2018-2019 | PPSK – KPI Research Incentive Grant

            “Barriers and challenges in pursuing better quality of life (QOL) among Malaysian cerebral palsy caregivers”, 

            RM5,000.00 (AUD1,610.00)

            Principal Investigator

              2017-2018 | Social Welfare Community Grant

              “Disabled orchestra as music therapy for people with disabilities”

              RM10,000 (AUD3,221.00)

              Principal Investigator

                2017-2018 | Korea Research Foundation

                “Physical activity and its related psychosocial and environmental variables among Korean and Malaysian adolescents in a cross-cultural viewpoint”

                RM72,000.00 (AUD23,000.00)


                  2017 – 2019 | USAINS grant

                  “The supplement of music therapy to traditional physiotherapy on muscle biomarkers, behavioural, and hand-eye coordination among cerebral palsy adolescents”

                  RM5,000.00 (AUD1,610.00)

                  Principal Investigator

                    2015-2019 | Research University Individual Grant (RUI)

                    “The effect of an imagery intervention technique (Neuro-linguistic Programme, Neuro-Semantic, and traditional imagery) on neuro-psychophysiological measures, mood, anxiety and sporting performance”, 

                    RM179,951.00 (AUD57,971.00) 

                    Principal Investigator

                      2016-2018 | USM Short-term Grant

                      “The reliability of strength, power and mood following pressure scale based post-performance sports massage in repeated muscle contraction” 

                      RM25,553.89 (AUD8,231.00)


                        2016-2018 | USM Short-term Grant

                        “Home-based rehabilitation versus physiotherapy-based rehabilitation for the first 6 months post-anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction for recreational athletes”

                        RM40,803.40 (AUD13,144.00) 


                          2015-2017 | USM Short-term Grant

                          “Examining motivation of participation in sport and exercise among undergraduate students on the health campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia”

                          RM48,101.45 (AUD15,495.00) 


                            2015-2017 | Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

                            “Neuro-psychophysiological parameters in imagery, music and sporting performance”

                            RM91,110.00 (AUD29,351.00)

                            Principal Investigator

                              2014-2016 | USM Short-term Grant

                              “Effect of music, imagery and combined music and imagery interventions on psychophysiological measures and simulated performance among elite weightlifters”

                              RM43,110.00 (AUD13,888.00) 

                              Principal Investigator