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A simple yet highly effective psychological skill that I called - "3-second wipeout." This is an excellent technique for all athletes, particularly when we make a mistake. Remember, never get angry, never be too disappointed, and never be too hard on yourself. But, use this technique to get rid of it right away. Then, return to a positive state and continue in your flow state. 


High Impact Research
Postdoctoral Studies in UK

 Driving and Psychology: Contributing to Arts and Sciences. From this project, we published four high-impact manuscripts: 1) Psychological and psychophysiological effects of music intensity and lyrics on simulated urban driving – Transportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour. 2) Interactive effects of task load and music tempo on psychological, psychophysiological, and behavioural outcomes during simulated driving – Ergonomics. 3) Psychological, psychophysiological and behavioural effects of participant-selected vs. researcher-selected music in simulated urban driving – Applied Ergonomics. 4) Influence of music on driver psychology and safety-relevant behaviours: a multi-study induction content analysis – Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Sciences. Applying "REAL" science into sports and performance.. 


Johor Virtual Sports Symposium 

Successfully organised the Johor Virtual Sports Symposium with the theme: An intelligent creating sporting culture towards performance: during and post-pandemic. We had over 250 participants, comprising coaches, athletes, sports administrators and university scholars.



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